The working culture in Finland

Internships in Finland as a foreigner can be hard to find, but once you find one you can have a great experience of the Finnish working culture. The work culture is equal, quite informal, and punctual. If you are coming from a hierarchical system it’s going to be a bit different yet it’s easy to get used to it. My favorite thing about the Finnish working culture is that they are straight to the point so I don’t need to small talk before I can get my tasks, answers, or results. 

Based on my experience collaborating with finnish entrepreneurs is not as challenging as you might think. Valvimo’s clients whom I was working with are speaking English. Which made our collaborations easy and usually it’s straight forward you get all the information you need to start working on your tasks.

Students are assets for businesses

During my internship I got the opportunity to work on a research project that Lapland UAS is doing which is about “Developing cooperation between Lappish companies and international students while supporting the employment opportunities of international talents”. I think the need to develop collaboration is important and I think most of the companies in the area could use some fresh set of eyes. International students are assets and couldn’t agree more that Finnish companies shouldn’t be scared of using English on a daily basis for working.

Tips for international students to have a great internship experience

Don’t be scared of choosing a small company to collaborate with.

  • Even if the company is currently not searching for interns you can still try to reach out to them and express that you would like to help the company to develop, and learn from them.
  • Choosing a small company can be beneficial for you since if you are not sure yet about your future career path at a small company you can get insight on various business-related tasks and maybe that can help you to choose and find the right career path for yourself.

Present new ideas on problems on hand. 

  • New and fresh ideas and problem solving skills are crucial for business development / businesses to develop. You have to have courage to present your ideas to others.
  • Your idea might just be the best solution for a problem that has to be solved. Small business owners are usually open and willing to hear students’ ideas. Besides you learning from the business owners and supervisors, they can also learn new things from you. Don’t be afraid to speak up.
  • Be open minded and ask for help if needed. You are there to learn.